Simple Discipleship Bundle for Grace Valley Fellowship


Simple Discipleship Bundle for Grace Valley Fellowship


This program includes:

  • A shareable vision video (see link above!)

  • 3 password-protected equipping videos

  • PDF: Leader Binder (two designs) that educates, equips, and expands on the vision

  • PDF: Participant Binder (two designs) for leaders to give to those they’re discipling

  • Manipulatable Context and Memorization documents for future content creation (That’ll make more sense once you look through the other stuff!)

  • Access to the password-protected “Closet” videos plus permanent access to documents if you lose your download or need to download a more updated version.

  • Rights for 10 leaders to use the content for as many participants as necessary

**IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THE USE OF THIS DOWNLOAD: This download has a 10-leader use license exclusive to Grace Valley Fellowship. Though I hope you recommend it to others, it honors me as a content-creator if you refrain from printing additional copies copies and distributing them or sharing the password-protected videos. The obvious exceptions to this are the Participant Packet, which you should freely print for those being discipling, and the Vision video, which you are welcome to share with those who you think may benefit from a deeper understanding of Simple Discipleship! If a woman beyond the original 10 wishes to become a leader, please purchase or request that she purchase her own Simple Discipleship program so that she has full access to the videos and so that I am able to offer support as she embarks on the exciting journey.  I am so grateful for your support and the way it allows me to continue to write and create tools to help women take Jesus seriously. THANK YOU!

This is a digital download. No physical item is being purchased! A link to the PDF of the binder handouts + instructions on how to access the videos will be sent to your email inbox upon purchase. Once you click the link, you have 24 hours to download the product before the link expires.

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Simple Discipleship: A program that simplifies the discipleship process by focusing on the essentials. Learn more at
Time Lapse video of some of the documents included in the Simple Discipleship program