Need someone to speak at your event? I love teaching women around the Memphis, Tennessee area! My vibe is "make 'em laugh, and hit 'em hard with the gospel." Below is a list of some favorite talks I've shared in the past. To discuss availability, content, etc., please email me at

How to Study the Bible

For anyone who feels they’ve missed the basics or who desires to learn to study God’s word in a more fruitful way. One 45 minute talk. Do you ever feel like you’re reading the Bible like you watch a movie, and the words just seem to pass by without sinking in? I love reacquainting women with the basics of fruitful Bible study and helping them fall in love with God’s word again or for the first time! This talk offers helpful insight, some laughs, and can be accompanied with many of the tools included in The Simple Study Binder so that women can leave fully equipped to study the Bible in a more powerful way.

Telling the Gospel Story Like It Matters

For anyone desiring to be better acquainted with the gospel story or become a better gospel storyteller. One 30-45 minute talk. At one point in every believer’s life, the gospel story transformed his or her life. But somewhere along the way, the story became lifeless on our lips—ordinary, familiar, regular. How can we reclaim our role as sacred storytellers and tell the gospel story to ourselves and to others like the transformational narrative it actually is?

The Big Story of the Bible

I write and share creative re-tellings of the Big Story of the Bible for Story & Soul Weekend, a women’s retreat experience a few friends and I created. This is a great way to give women a helicopter view of the Bible! This is an unusual kind of talk because it’s narrative, but I am happy to share past Stories with your group if it seems your event is a good fit. Past stories include: The Story of Light, The Story of Hunger, and The Story of Water. You can find more information here.

Godly Connections

For women college-age and up. Can be adapted for high school students. One 30-45 minute talk. We see in Genesis that connection is an essential part of the human experience (Genesis 2:18), but sin ensures that relationships are unavoidably messy. What does it look like to trust God and pursue connection in the midst of the tumultuous waters of relationships?

Biblical Femininity

For women college-age and up. Can be adapted for high school students. Two to three 30-45 minute talks, designed for women's retreats. A biblically based look at what it means to be a woman: created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), yet broken and distorted from the devastating effect sin has had on our image-bearer qualities. How we can live as redeemed women and faithfully give the world a glimpse of who God is?


For high school and college-age women. One 30-45 minute talk. A gospel-centered purity talk that focuses less on a the benefits of purity for the individual and more on how a deeper understanding of the gospel should launch us into fierce set-apart-ness. For a glimpse into this content, read this article I wrote for Sadie Robertson's Live Original blog.

Sincere Faith

For multi-generational audiences, especially mothers and daughters. One 30-45 minute talk. How can we develop, pass on, and receive a sincere, genuine faith through the generations? A gospel-centered talk for mothers and daughters based on 2 Timothy 1. For a glimpse into this content, read this article I wrote for Missional Motherhood.