You've probably figured out that my name is Caroline, and I write, so I've decided to call myself a writer. Glad I could spell that out for everyone.

There are two things that make me smack my face in frustration: 1. when we buy into the lie that spiritual things must be serious, and 2. when we don’t take our faith seriously. It’s a dance, the serious with the silly, but they belong together like a wonky misfit marriage that somehow results in the most beautiful family. Their house is the one where you feel safe to laugh and cry, to worship wholeheartedly, to wrestle through doubt and disappointment, to abandon carefully crafted persona in favor of honest weirdness, to stop pretending. 

So, on this piece of the internet and everywhere else, I make it a point to take Jesus seriously and not much else.

God, in His sovereignty, has decided that I am not allowed to be cool and put-together, so I minister through the sacred practice of being embarrassed and average and gleaning gospel truth from it. You can count on me to be too frizzy, too talkative, and quite unable to catch my keys if you toss them to me. My husband and I have two (supremely adorable) children and are eagerly waiting to adopt our third, and I love to tell stories about my people. The gospel is my favorite story, and I am always trying to tell it well. I especially love doing this at Story & Soul Weekend, a women's retreat I started with some of my best friends, and with the exception of the cheeseburger Halloween costume I made for my daughter, it's my most beloved project. We’re becoming a 501(c)3 organization, and we’re expanding our ministry beyond the weekend retreat. Wahoo!

Glad you're here! Let's order pizza.