Same Here, Sisterfriend curated by Holly Mackle

Under the leadership of the hysterical Holly Mackle, Caroline joins with a group of mamas well-acquainted with the reheated-coffee, diaper-blow-out, where-are-my-keys life, and their stories are guaranteed to make you snort laugh. Caroline's readers will recognize a few pieces adapted for the book and enjoy a few never-published ones! This book is for mamas who need to laugh and remember they're not alone. (Not convinced yet? Boo Mama Sophie Hudson wrote the forward! Woo!)

Knocking Over Tables on Live Original with Sadie Robertson

"You know what weirds me out? The word 'body.' You know what is weirder? When a church person is assigned to talk to you about 'bodies,' and then I basically become the human form of that green about-to-barf emoji. But our bodies are pretty important, most notably because we live in them 24/7, and also because we are obsessed with them..."

Marriage After Baby on Missional Motherhood

"During the final hours of labor, I looked at my husband and whispered weakly, 'This is hell.' During my first few hours as a mother, I looked at my little girl and whispered gently, 'This is heaven.' I mean, Six Flags has nothing on the roller coaster of childbirth. It’s the extreme pain of the last few pushes juxtaposed against the extreme bliss of meeting that cuddly bundle for the first time and then finally getting to eat some pancakes..."

So it's Tuesday on Engaging Motherhood

"I knew I was suffering from monotony when my then-18-month-old got barfed on by a random kids at Mother's Day Out. My reaction was weird. Inappropriately giggly. Eventually I realized I was kind of excited--excited to have a story to tell. It's because now all of my days are pretty much the same, and I don't usually have much to tell. The lack of content is frustrating for someone like me who needs to say 50,000 words a day to stay sane..."