The Simple Study Binder

The Simple Study Binder -
The Simple Study Binder -

The Simple Study Binder


When I first learned about inductive study, it lit me aflame for the Bible, and I began printing off pages of scripture from my computer and taking notes like crazy. I studied the Bible inductively in my personal study, in discipleship, and as I led Bible studies. Eventually, I ended up with A LOT of papers, and I didn’t want to lose any of those precious notes! Enter: The Simple Study Binder.

Now I keep all my “Bible stuff” in the same place—a giant binder divided into Old Testament and New Testament. It’s simple and easy—just enough structure that things are manageable but not so much structure that I get overwhelmed. Even if the things I’m doing aren’t necessarily inductive (like sermon notes!), they can still be stored in the binder, and it’s fun to see a personal “commentary” of sorts begin to take shape. Want to know more? You can see the Instagram story that inspired the listing by checking the “highlights” on my Instagram account. There you’ll be able to see how I print scripture from my computer for all that good note-taking! (For the tech-savvy: Just copy-paste from and format double-spaced with big margins!)

This digital download includes all you need to start studying the Bible inductively in your own Simple Study Binder (except, ahem, the binder):

  • Hand-lettered binder cover

  • Simple “How to Use This Binder” instructions

  • List of the books of the Bible (NEW!)

  • Simple inductive study overview

  • Simple note-taking help

  • Context document you can print as you go for each book of the Bible you study

  • Gospel Lens document that will help you view scripture in light of the gospel story (NEW + not pictured!)

  • Hand-lettered Old Testament and New Testament divider pages (I recommend printing these on cardstock and adding tabs for easy access!)

**IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THE USE OF THIS DOWNLOAD: This PDF download has a single-use license. Though I hope you recommend it to your friends, as a content-creator, it honors me if you refrain from printing multiple copies and distributing them. I am so grateful for your support and the way it allows me to continue to write and create tools to help women take Jesus seriously. THANK YOU!

This is a digital download. No physical item is being purchased! A link to the PDF of the binder handouts will be sent to your email inbox upon purchase. Once you click the link, you have 24 hours to download the product before the link expires.

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