“Hemmed In” is a 4-part verse-by-verse study of Psalm 139. You can download the participant packet and listen to each week’s teachings here.

A helpful note for listeners: Each recording is unedited from our in-person meeting times in June 2019 at Colonial Hills Church. That means there will be times when women are discussing the content at their tables, and you’ll overhear side conversations or just the general buzz in the room. If you don’t want to use that time to work on the content yourself, feel free to simply fast-forward to the next section. (Or, feel free to giggle at my side conversations. They get weird sometimes.) To help you navigate the fast-forwarding, here’s how each teaching time is divided: Introduction, Context, Observation (includes table work), Interpretation, Application (includes group work), and Conclusion.

Got questions? Email me at carolineevan@gmail.com.

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